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Cory The Coach

When it comes to leadership and employee training, Cory The Coach is an excellent choice! He is high energy and can engage virtually any employee or leadership group, challenging them to achieve significant objectives, increase in skillful knowledge, and to develop plans for creating a high performance workplace culture.


He believes ongoing professional training and development is symbolic to athletic training: It is an essential part of the job! Training fosters sustainable improvements in employee growth, performance, engagement, and overall job satisfaction.

Cory The Coach has over 25 years of public speaking, training, and consulting experience. He is also DISC Communication & Behavior, and Motivators Models Certified from Competitive Edge, Inc., under the instruction and mentorship of renowned International Consultant, Judy Suiter.​


Coach's speaking experience include the following:

State of Arkansas

City of Little Rock

The University of Arkansas

University of Arkansas - Little Rock

Junior Achievement of Arkansas

Hardin-Simmons University

American Cancer Society

STAND Foundation

Arkansas Food Bank

Austin Community College

African American Youth Harvest Foundation

Texas Association of Black Profession in Higher Ed


City Year

City of Conway

Dream Team International

New Creation Bible Church

White Memorial U.M.C.

Full Counsel Metro Church

Youth Opportunities Unlimited

KJBN AM 1050

Training & Development

Professional development is necessary for employees to gain the skills they need to succeed to contribute to the success your or organization, and for their personal growth. Innovative training programs can also provide help with liability protection by preventing chances for lawsuits for improper behavior or discrimination. Choosing Pinnacle Solutions as your employee training & development partner will give your workforce access to quality content from subject matter experts and reduce your overall budget for professional training. Your leaders will be able to focus more on other important functions required to run and manage a successful business or HR department with less responsibility to provide employee training, especially during these uncertain times.

Employee Engagement

Gallup conducted research, and studied hundreds of surveys on employee engagement for decades.  In 2016, Gallup found that in the United States, only 33% of employees are engaged at work. Gallup also found that companies with higher competencies in communication strategies, experience more profitability, resulting from higher levels of employee engagement. In 2018, The Conference Board found 51% of US workers feel satisfied with their employment, with the remaining 49% feeling dissatisfied.

Consistent professional development engagement and coaching are effective and necessary tools for engaging employees, increasing retention, building consumer

confidence, creating synergy for growth, and minimizing liability risks.

Cory KeyNote.jpg

What is Coach's Mission?

To provide forward thinking solutions for training and development to improve

leadership skills, employee engagement, adaptability, professionalism, and overall job satisfaction and performance.

What He Believes

  • Every employee has potential and is the single most important resource in any company or organization

  • Peak performance can be achieved through development, training, ethical business practices and mutual respect

  • Employees should have access to services that aid in sustaining quality job performance

  • Effective leadership and opportunities for employee growth is essential to any organization’s ability to adapt changing and challenging times

  • A commitment to learning is directly proportional to the level of enjoyment in the development process

What Can He Do For You

  • Help minimize regulatory risk & liability

  • Institute virtual learning and coaching opportunities

  • Optimize employee engagement, soft skills, skillful knowledge and overall performance

  • Improve team work and reduce stress for a more harmonious work environment

  • Design professional development opportunities that produce long-term and verifiable results in both customer and employee satisfaction

  • Provide personal career coaching for achieving peak performance and executive leadership development


C. Bryant

"Coach has helped me excel from one position to the next in my career field. He is always my go-to for coaching me through the challenges of moving up the ladder. I have earned the promotion every time with his help."


T. K. Ramos

"Coach Cory is very informative and engaging in his training. He ensures trainees are able to understand information and experiences that are relative to assisting them with achieving their objectives. I would recommend him as a coach or trainer to help you accomplish your goals."


J. Donaldson

"Coach Cory takes every opportunity to motivate, encourage, or inspire someone. Building and coaching others comes naturally to him, and he genuinely wants you to succeed."


T. Williams

"Cory The Coach is an awesome motivator and is very knowledgeable. He has coached and trained me through several obstacles. He is engaging and has helped inspire me to get things done, on and off the job. He is awesome!!!"

What Employees Are Saying:


Business People Talking
DISC Communication Styles & Profiles


Based on the four-factor DISC Behavioral Assessment & Report, teams and 

organizations learn to create dynamic and positive employee-manager relationships, which directly impacts productivity and greater achievement. This versatile management tool can be used to increase employee engagement, improve on-boarding, and enhance overall communication between employees and management. The DISC assessment report defines unique behavior styles, and guides you through the process of leveraging behavior for success and creating win/win relationships. Its easy application is also a valuable tool for building leaders. 

In a Meeting
DISC and Dimensional Leadership*


Leaders and potential leaders will experience an in-dept exploration into each other's leadership styles, psychological dynamics, motivations, and limitations, based on the four-factor DISC behavioral assessment and report. Of the 8 dimensions, leaders will identify their primary leadership style and determine their top priorities for their growth and development. Furthermore, they will learn how their leadership style interacts with others' styles of leadership and how to create win-win situations. *DISC Communication Styles & Profiles is a prerequisite to this advanced level training course.

Team work
Teamwork Makes the Team Work

A group of individuals may be called a team, but unless those individuals communicate effectively, efficiently, produce bottom-line increasing results, and resolve differences and conflicts quickly, the “team” will fall short of achieving its fullest potential. Peak business performance and employee engagement is achieved by professionals that recognize team priorities, resolve disagreements objectively, and blend their behavior & communication styles to meet team goals. Participants will learn key elements to team building fundamentals, theory, and attempt to complete hands-on tasks as a team. (Optional: DISC Team Building assessment and training component.)

Customer Support Representative
Creating a Service-Based Culture

Customer Service, internally and externally, through positive interaction and quality care should be a top priority for any business or organization. Management and employee teams will learn to demonstrate and maintain appropriate customer relations, interpersonal skills for achieving positive results, how to effectively deescalate difficult situations with customers, and how to interact with other employees with tact and professionalism. (Optional: DISC Customer Service assessment and training component.)

Positive Discipline and Performance Coaching


Confronting performance issues can both challenging and intimidating. If approached incorrectly, issues could deepen, and workplace relationship could actually worsen. This training is designed to empower managers and supervisors with a 5-step process to confront and address employee non-performance in a positive and supportive manner. Members of management and supervisor teams will learn how to use performance coaching as a tool for developing employees into high performers and potential leaders. 

Mature Man's Portrait
Developing Resilience


We are living in challenging times. Traumatic change and adversity present seemingly insurmountable obstacles in the lives of employees, challenging them mentally and emotionally both on and off the job.  According to the World Health Organization, depression will be the leading cause of disability by the year 2030. There is hope. Developing resilience is comprised of learning how to use unfortunate occurrences as a steppingstone versus a stumbling block. Participants in this training will learn to identify fundamental triggers for stress, strategies for managing and manipulating their responses to stress, and how to begin developing winning philosophies for self-empowerment.

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